Wealth Protection

Are you sure your assets are protected? Most people don't realize that they can protect their assets against divorce, being sued, and from nursing homes. To learn more, contact Palen Financial!

Protect What You’ve Built

Many Americans dream of being wealthy, whether that wealth is accrued over time or it comes along suddenly. How many times have you wondered what it would be like to win the lottery or to open your door to find an oversized check? Of course, that is usually just a dream, so many Americans work hard to build their wealth over time. Many do just that and are able to successfully plan their retirement. However, there are always possible threats to your nest egg, such as emergencies, lawsuits, or life changes (divorce, death in the family, etc.) Palen Financial will help you form a wealth protection plan so you can shield your assets from any potential hazards.

Potential Hazards

Life is filled with risk, from the moment you step out your front door in the morning. Accidents, weather events, sickness, and injury – all of these are problems with price tags and repair costs attached. Alternatively, you can find yourself in court dealing with a lawsuit brought by an employee, spouse, or former business partner. All these issues cost both time and money, which usually means dipping into your savings. Keeping your wealth shielded from outside threats is the key to securing your long-term future.

Safeguard Your Wealth

There are many different ways to keep your assets protected. Insurance is the most well-known and usually the easiest to acquire. Insuring your home, car, and yourself makes sure you and your loved ones are guarded against accidents or concerns. Renter’s insurance is also available for non-homeowners, and is very valuable in case of weather or property damage.

Formalizing business partnerships and joint bank accounts also helps protect your wealth. Any problems that arise later between you and your partner (business or spouse) can lead to a day in court later, and assets that aren’t within a legally-binding contract can be taken away from you. Making partnerships formal and keeping the balance of your joint account low keeps you shielded.

Palen Financial is a financial and wealth management advisor that is ready and willing to help you keep your assets protected. After all, it’s not just about you, it’s about keeping your loved ones cared for down the road. Palen is a registered investment advisor (RIA), but that extends to advising you on how to best safeguard your investments from potential hazards. Our investment management can help you diversify your capital, and we assume potential risk and liability that brokerage firms and insurance agents do not. When we can, we take the risk so you don’t have to.

Wealth protection is paramount to ensuring your family’s future financial stability. To find out more, contact Palen Financial today!

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