Financial Advisor

Is your current financial advisor not as transparent as you would like him or her to be? Palen Financial can provide you with their Financial "Fresh Look," which is a transparent, unbiased look at your portfolio!

A Change from Past Times

When it comes to saving money, things are not as simple as they once were. At one time, you could depend on your employee pension, a dedicated savings account, and a few sound investments such as real estate to accrue enough money for you to retire. However, the phase out of pension plans in favor of a 401(k) or employer IRA has altered the path to retirement. Furthermore, taxes and the cost of living are much higher than when our parents were planning their life after work, which makes planning even day-to-day costs difficult. Having a dedicated financial advisor like Palen Financial on your side will help you take control of your money, and your future.

Formulate a Plan

Managing your money is not as simple as balancing the family checkbook. Many considerations come into play over the course of your life, and they change as you grow and mature. What may seem an easy task to handle alone at age 25 may be difficult at 30 and impossible at 35. That’s where a financial advisor is most beneficial to you. They can help you manage your expenses, balance your budget, and form a financial plan for your life.

Financial Advisor

Palen Financial knows the basics of a good financial plan involve variety and fluidity. Varying how you invest your assets protects you from sharp losses, as does keeping your plan open to change as the economy changes. Here are some of the many ways we can help you as a financial planner:

Safeguard Your Future

The only constant in life is change. An unexpected event could adversely affect your future if you’re unprepared. Forming and executing a financial plan is key to your future and the future of your family. Let Palen Financial be your dedicated registered investment advisor. We will help you secure your future. For more information on our financial advisory services or one of the other services we offer, please contact Palen Financial today!

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