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Find the Right Tools for Investing

In this day and age, investing your money can seem like the easy path to becoming wealthy. How many stories pop up online about how someone parlayed a few investments into fantastic sums of money? However, it must be remembered that the stock market is not the lottery, and you can lose money just as soon as you make money. Having the right tools at your disposal is key to good investment management. Palen Financial can aid you in your investment management strategy and help you properly build your wealth.

Active or Passive?

Investing your money can seem very daunting at first glance. Many people think of it solely as “playing the stock market,” buying shares of various publicly-traded companies and netting returns based on their annual performance. However, playing the market is just as it sounds – a game, and a volatile one at that. Even investing in more tangible areas, such as real estate, can be tricky without professional advice.

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities – your money can be invested in any number of possible ways. More important is how you want your portfolio managed – passively or actively.

  • Active investment management is when you invest in an effort to outperform the market, or try to “beat the index.” This embodies the typical “buy low, sell high” approach to investing.
  • Passive investment management takes the opposite approach: buy into companies, funds or investment areas that are relatively stable and will typically follow the market over the long run. This strategy may generate lower returns than active management, but offers lower risk.
Investment Management

Good investment management relies on multiple avenues of investment, not just one, and also takes into account your starting capital, risk tolerances, and desired outcome. In short, how much can you invest, how much can you lose, and how much are you trying to make and for what purpose? These are the questions that must be asked before determining an investment management plan.

Manage Your Future with Us

Palen Financial is a licensed independent investment manager. We are not connected to a chain, and will not sell you a certain brand or set of products. At Palen Financial, our only concern is to help you formulate an investment management strategy tailored to your desired future. We want you to succeed in your financial planning, so you can secure the future for you and those close to you.

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